Why Invest in Shipping?

Investing in the shipping industry is being reported as one of the smartest decisions an investor can make. The rebounding economy is allowing people all over the world to join a global consumer base that promises to expand for years to come. The shipping industry is positioned to meet the challenges that go with transport of consumer goods, 90% of market goods are shipped via the sea, and dry bulk vessels are at the heart of it, The global shipping industry went through tough times during the financial crisis of 2008-2009. While the industry experienced a brief recovery starts from 2010 to 2015, supply and demand concerns have put pressure on top- and bottom-line performance. The good news is that freight volumes are expected to stabilize over the coming years as these issues are resolved. If the global economy continues to recover, these volumes are likely to pick up as demand rises from both developed and emerging markets. Consolidation within the industry could also reduce price competition over time, which could help improve profitability and eliminate many of these concerns.Countries have different problems all over the world.When your ship is floating in oceans you can sail anywhere you want and avoid local crisis whatsoever.Other investments such as factories can not easily movable to another country when there is a long term crise in one of world country but ships move everywhere.we strongly believed that the dry bulk market presented an excellent investment opportunity for investors all over the world.

King Shipping Trading focused on shipping investment opportunities, continuing to grow our shipping roots, as well as locating the right projects for our investors.Risk is always matched to opportunity, therefore timing and right price are ultimately the key success.

Management services for investors



Investments in maritime assets generally imply the creation of a dedicated investment vehicle, requiring complex compliance and registration procedures and the need for external financing. King shipping trading can manage the whole process.

  • Incorporation & management of the shipping or maritime company
  • Ensuring compliance with the strictest regulatory environments
  • Registration and flagging of vessels
  • High quality and cost efficient ship operator while sustainably expanding its fleet in the dry bulk sector.
  • Raising equity with co-investors when required
  • Corporate services related to the companies.

Invest in one of the most improved economies for ease of doing business.




The seamless management of the acquisition and disposal of capital-intensive maritime assets is key to the overall performance of the investment. Kingshipping Trading ensures the efficient execution of these operations.

  • Technical, legal and commercial due diligence
  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • Negotiation & contracting of the vessels (S&P)
  • Marketing and sale of vessels
  • Coordination for all documentary, regulatory and
    legal aspects of sale and purchase transactions.


Any shipping project has systemic operational exposure, and King shipping Trading  aims to ensure the best systems and people are in place so that execution adds value rather than risks. We integrates operational efficiency as a core aspect of any project.

  • Technical management, crewing, insurances of vessels under strict supervision
  • Budgeting and forecasting of capex and operational expenses
  • Optimisation of cost and results
  • Post-fixture and operational management of vessels
  • Commercial services and chartering services in accordance with the agreed strategy
  • Management of claims, litigations and insurance recoverable.




Strict controlling and reporting procedures compliant with the most stringent auditing regimes are required to ensure the full transparency of operations, so stakeholders can take the right decisions, at the right time.

  • Complete accounting services
  • Reporting, including tailor-made online platforms for convenient access
  • Market reporting and follow-up of exposure and 
  • Risk management
  • Full controlling of sub-contractors
  • Audits to any required standards.

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